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Who We Are

Charm City Therapy is a pediatric Occupational and Speech Therapy practice located in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  We offer school visits, home visits, and office visits in order to meet the needs of busy families.  Our team of dedicated and experienced team of therapists evaluate your child’s needs and develop customized goals and objectives in order for your child to achieve optimal independence in his or her daily life activities.  We believe in parent and teacher education whereby training your child’s caregivers as to therapeutic techniques promoting a strong carryover and optimal integration of therapy into your child’s daily routine. Additionally, therapists are readily available via phone and/or email to discuss any questions or concerns that arise.  

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Why Choose Us?

A team that works around your schedule

The therapy process can be stressful. There are so many choices to make, and so many things to learn. Additionally it can be a major disruption in your family routine. Being parents we understand this because we've been there. At Charm City Therapy want to make things a little easier. We do this in two ways:
Firstly, we want to work around your schedule. Would you like therapy services in your child's school? No problem. Would you prefer we come to you home? We can do that too. Do you like the idea of a traditional office setting? We have that covered as well. Our goal is to make receiving therapy as easy as possible.
Secondly, we pride ourselves on communication. We feel one of the cornerstones of successful therapy is the integration of the services into the childs life. That means the best chance for success lies in the therapist communicating with you, the parents, as well as teachers. When we're all on the same page, we can accomplish great things.
Therapy can be stressful for a family, but we hope our services make it a little bit easier.

Charm City Therapy Director

Director - Lana Wise, M.S., OTR/L