Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How Do I know if my child needs Occupational or Speech Therapy?

Please visit our Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy pages to find out.

Question 2: What is the first step to getting my child therapy?

After you call Charm City Therapy, an initial evaluation for your child will be scheduled. Evaluations are typically 60 minutes in duration. The evaluation process encompasses the therapist administering an assessment in addition to using clinical observation in order to determine whether there is a need for services. Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist types a clinical evaluation report, which discusses clinical findings and possible eligibility. If your child qualifies for services, goals and objectives will be included.

Question 3: How do I know what my insurance benefits are?

Call Charm City Therapy at 410-849-9496 to provide your insurance information. We will research your benefits on your behalf and discuss your individual plan with you.

Question 4: What Insurance plans do you accept?

Charm City Therapy accepts many insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Assistance, Amerigroup, United/Optum Healthcare, and Aetna

Question 5: Where does my child receive therapy?

Charm City Therapy is a community based practice. We try to accommodate the needs of busy families. Services are provided in the school*, home*, or therapy office setting.

*Within our service area

Question 6: What are the therapeutic benefits of community based therapy versus clinic based?

When a child is seen by a therapist in his natural environment, the therapist has the opportunity to look at the environment and make adaptations and/or recommendations as necessary in order to help the child thrive within his daily environment. Our community based therapists come prepared with much equipment, all of which can be used within a child’s home or school environment to assist with proper carryover. When a child is seen in a clinic, much equipment the clinic encompasses does not exist in a child’s daily environment which makes carryover into a child’s daily routine difficult. For example, if a child has sensory integration needs, a community based occupational therapist will work with the child at school and/or home, see firsthand the areas of concern, and train/educate the parents and teachers (if applicable) as to effective techniques. If the same child is seen in a clinic, he will utilize clinic based equipment during the session, however that equipment will not be available to him on a daily basis, when he needs it the most.

Question 7: How often will my child receive occupational and/or speech therapy?

The frequency of therapy services varies according to your child’s needs. However, typically children are seen one to two times per week.

Question 8: How and when can I be in touch with my child’s therapist?

Parent communication is of the utmost importance. You can email Charm City Therapy at or call at 410-849-9496. The after-hours line is open from 7:30-9:30 Monday-Thursday evenings.

Question 9: How will I stay informed as to what my child is accomplishing in therapy?

In order to keep parents informed, a parent communication detailing what your child engaged in during therapy is sent home to parents. In addition to a session synopsis, therapists also provide parents with activity suggestions to reinforce the therapy sessions in order to integrate the therapy into the child’s daily activities.