When a child has difficulty in school or at home, it can be frustrating to both parent and child.  Our therapists are committed to helping kids overcome any difficulty they may have.  By being proactive, communicating with parents, and teachers, we can help children overcome any obstacles.   When children are able to grow, this results in happier kids filled with self esteem and a greater sense of accomplishment.  Read below to find out more about what services we offer, or contact us.



Occupational Therapy

Our experienced occupational therapists can help a child improve handwriting, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, overall strength, balance, coordination, and much more.



Speech Therapy

Our Speech Language Pathologists have experience helping children improve their articulation, fluency, comprehension, and social skills. 

Physical Therapy

Our experienced physical therapists can help a child improve gross motor skills, balance, coordination, endurance, and strength.


Helping Children Reach Their Potential One Step At A Time