Client Testimonials

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I have been using charm city therapy for the third year now. First for one child, then for the second one. I have seen in person the work they do with my kids, the detailed parent communication they send home from each session and the dedication the therapists display. I have been impressed by their professionalism as well as their humanity! Highly recommend them!

Parent of GA

They have been able to evaluate my kids’ development and help us learn what the critical milestones are.  I was very impressed by the integrity and professionalism of the therapists as they constantly re-evaluated my children’s progress. My children enthusiastically look forward to their visits.  As a parent I love knowing my children were getting top notch therapy in our home and school.  They came to us, and in our very busy lives this convenience was invaluable.  If I was not present for a session I was always left a detailed note of the session as well as things we could do to carry over therapy into the week.  This allowed us to extend the therapeutic process beyond the sessions themselves.

Parent of KJ

I'm so happy that my child graduated from OT. Every time she buttons her shirt or zips her jacket, I give a silent thanks to you.  I remember when we first started and how difficult  it was for her to form her letters and how you suggested to put glue on the lines of the paper so she could feel the lines and how much that helped, and now she has the prettiest handwriting!  I didn't get the chance to tell her yesterday that she was done with OT (her teacher told her) so when she came home  she was a little upset and cried because she wasn't going to see her therapist anymore. Please don't take this the wrong way but I thought she would have been doing backflips or crab walks because she didn't have to miss recess  or be pulled out of class anymore, but she really liked all the therapists that she had and formed a special bond with them. I know that we feel like we formed a very special bond with you. So thank you for teaching her and giving her the tools so that she can become functional and independent. 

Parent of HF

Rosalie has been seeing my daughter for a little over 6 months.  I just got off the phone with her after she generously gave her time to share her insights on my daughters development.  I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of Rosalie.  She has done an amazing job with my daughter in therapy and I am really seeing the carry-over at home.  My daughter has started coming home and telling me about her day in short utterances and her receptive language has vastly improved.  Rosalie has also gone above and beyond with her note writing, availability via text and phone to discuss concerns and questions that I have.

I also wanted to say how much I appreciate Sara.  Sara has been seeing my daughter for OT.  My daughter has been very slow to warm in the past; especially with OT and she has warmed up to Sara and really looks forward to her visits.  I have seen improvement in her upper body strength, coordination, and ability to complete tasks such as coloring.  She now enjoys these tasks when they used to frustrate her.

It is such a pleasure to see her flourish in language and motor skills and I am very thankful for the part your therapists have played in that.

Parent of YS

Charm city therapy was a pleasure to work with. I contacted them regarding concerns I had with my two year old's speech and possible ot issues. They sent someone out to assess him right away and everything was done straight from my house. The woman I was in contact with updated me consistently throughout the process and was professional the entire way through. The therapists were excellent and within a few short months my son was speaking full sentences! I would highly recommend them to access speech or ot therapy for your child!

Parent of NB

Charm City Therapy has made speech and OT easy and convenient for me and has helped my kids gain the skills they need.  The best part about Charm City is the care that has been shown to us from literally day one.  Lana and her team truly care about each and every child and family who receives services through them.  We are so grateful that we found them and my children are blossoming  under their care.

Parent of YL

I referred my son to Charm City Therapy because of concerns that I had about his speech.  They evaluated him and made several recommendations to assist him.  I must say that I definitely saw improvement in his speech after regular therapy with Charm City Therapy.  I am quite pleased with his progress.  I would recommend Charm City Therapy to anyone who may have concerns about their child's speech.

Parent of CP